Skylar Swartz Photography

Jaden Goetz (DT Model Management)

"I’ve worked in the business for a while and have shot with more photographers than I can shake a stick at. I can honestly say that Skylar stands out in that crowd. He’s creative, passionate, and does his own post processing so he can shoot with a clearer idea of the final image - making it a more cohesive process. I noticed quickly that he uses his knowledge and experience to cater to the model’s needs rather than expecting the world from them. It felt very natural working with Skylar, like we were just vibing and he happened to be snapping shots. 10/10 - Would recommend"

Amy Brown (ASTA Intimates Founder)

"Skylar was the perfect fit for our boudoir-style photoshoot! He captured beautiful shots of the models for our website and socials. Looking forward to working with him again!"

Michael Nguyen (Sutherland Model)

I had a shoot with Skylar earlier in the summer. The photo's came out amazing, he was really easy going and made the whole shoot experience awesome. From scouting locations to being prepared to submitting our photos to publications and keeping me in the loop the whole way, I had a great time and would definitely shoot again!

Julia Tychoniewicz (New York MMG Management)

Working with Skylar is really nice because it feels like a friendly atmosphere, not just going to a shoot and saying hi and bye. The photo's always turn out very good, I am never disappointed and I feel safe!

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