Cilka Ovettini

Skylar was awesome to work with. He made me feel as if I was meeting up for coffee with an old friend. His professionalism and positive energy made for a great experience. I loved the photos!


Shawna Patruno

Skylar was a pleasure to work with! I was beyond thrilled with the outcome of the pictures. I would highly recommend working with him!


Irina Shad (Founder of Lessisamour)

I want to share that Sky does a really good job. I am glad I decided to work with him on several creative photoshoots and would love to continue our partnership. He always works in a professional manner and delivers his work on time. Always a pleasure to work with him!


Jacqueline Sarah

Skylar Swartz is a visionary, drawn by passion and pure determination. He was like meeting an old friend, really. The thing about Sky is that he admires beauty. Not like the rest of us, although. He admires beauty like an actor admires a role their taking on. He studies what makes something beautiful. Please consider Skylar as your next business partner, photographer, visionary, friend... he is with not a doubt like no one i've ever met


Dixon John

Skylars excellent knowledge of photography, from angles to lighting and shade is evident through his photos. He pays attention to the needs of the models, and strives to maintain a positive vibe during shoots. I definitely recommend his services!


Jennifer Salem

His shots are creative and modern. When we met for the first time, he was so welcoming and very easy to get along with! My photos turned out amazing.


Sammy Gorms

Working with Skylar was such a great experience. He has such a chill vibe and he’s easy to work with. He also knows what he’s doing and really knows how to take a great shot's. I love how my pictures turned out and I can’t wait to work with him again.